OceanSights Is on the Way

Uncertainty in fishing is a thing of the past.


We're on a mission to change the way we fish for the better.

We have created a technology designed to save lobster fishers time and money by taking the uncertainty out of hauling.  Our AI-enhanced systems aim to positively disrupt the sector - increasing profitability and sustainability with one solution.   


Take the chance out of fishing

Our technology tells you how many lobsters are in your traps before you make the decision to haul.

Save Timer and Money 

By only hauling traps with a catch, it is possible to save significant fuel while catching the same number of lobsters.


Get Ready for a Better Way to Fish.

Fishing Now:

Trap locations known, number of lobster per trap unknown


Expected Results

Only hauling traps with lobsters reduces travel distance by 34% on average, saving you time and money.

Calm Sea

Old way

Total Distance: 188 nautical miles

Calm Sea

New Way

Total Distance: 121 nautical miles